Outreach for Schools

Performance and Q&A

Moving Collective dancers will perform for 45-60min (depending on time allotted by school) and then be available for questions and answers from audience members.  Performance repertoire will be specifically chosen for the students’ age range.  Included is a study guide for teachers with post performance discussion points.  A stage, gym, or large multi-purpose room is required to be eligible to host a performance.

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Lecture/Demonstration: A Moving Language

Moving Collective dancers will take the audience through a demonstration of how everyday movement can be translated into an expressive, kinetic language that doesn’t require words.  This presentation is more intimate than a full-length performance and gives the audience the opportunity for participation and creation. The Lecture/Demonstration, ranging anywhere between 45-60 min, requires a stage, gym, or large multi-purpose room. Included is a study guide for teachers with post lecture discussion points.

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Workshop with Moving Collective Dancers: Creating Your Own Dance

This workshop is a hands-on opportunity for students to work in groups with the Moving Collective dancers to custom make their own choreography.  Students will explore movement inspired by various prompts that range from every day movement, emotions, abstract concepts, and more.  This workshop encourages team building while praising the individual creativity, and brings gross motor movement into the classroom.  Each workshop is custom made to fit the student’s age and incorporate concepts that they have already been learning in the classroom (i.e. focusing on shapes for geometry).  These workshops typically span several days, giving the students’ choreographic phrases time to build. The entire workshop will culminate in an informal performance during the allotted class time.

 A large room, such as a gym or multi-purpose room is encouraged, but not necessary.  Included is a study guide for teachers with post lecture workshop discussion points.

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