Always Known, Never Met

Moving Collective takes the stage again for its 12th season with its fall concert, Always Known, Never Met. The program will take place November 4, 2017 at the Ursuline Arts Center, located on the Sacred Heart Campus at 3113 Lexington Road, in Louisville, Kentucky. Tickets are available at the door or at, $20 General Admission, $15 Students and Seniors.

Moving Collective has selected five works for the program that showcase choreographers from Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green. The choreographers selected are no strangers to the Louisville dance scene as they have all presented works and performed in the past. Always Known, Never Met has a roster of choreographers that include Amanda Browning, Amber Marquez, Katie Kasari, Faryn Kelly, Meghen L. McKinley, and Kylene Stephens.

Moving Collective Co-Artistic Director, Amanda Browning, will present Movement in Fugue. Inspired by the rich and regal sounds of Bach’s Prelude in Fugue, Browning uses the sound, physical characteristics, and aesthetic qualities of each of the instruments as well as the other key players in a musical performance, such as the conductor and an audience member to construct her work. With each dancer representing one of these elements of the musical composition, the group breaks into solo and small group moments, but finds harmony when moving as a unified group.

Amber Marquez, a Louisville native and Moving Collective Co-Producer, will premiere a new work, Breathe…Embrace. Marquez’s work explores change and how it affects us. Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, the dancers either welcome change or fear the unknown.

Founder and Producer of Louisville Dance Series, Katie Kasari, will present In Fits and Starts. Using music by Hauchka, Dustin O’Halloran and Hilary Hahn, this premiere work explores the road to accomplishment and those that help and hinder us along the way.

Faryn Kelly of Lexington, KY is presenting the third premiere of the of program, Once I Dreamt. Utilizing dancers in canon, Kelly’s work will transport the audience through dream states and sleep cycles. The audience will experience an abstract exploration of how sleep patterns affect the waking hours.

In a collaborative work, Meghen L. McKinely and Kylene Stephens, both of Bowling Green, KY, will present their premiere The Head and The Heart. In their work McKinley and Stephens explore how individuals thinks, act, and respond with one dancer who only follows her intellect and another that only follows her heart. The two dancers much learn from each other to create a common ground.

Under the artistic direction of Theresa Bautista and Amanda Browning, Moving Collective continues to foster the growth of and appreciation for modern dance. Moving Collective is proud to present this festival style concert made up of independent choreographers and dancers from the region. It is the company’s goal to keep contemporary dance alive in Louisville and to provide a professional work atmosphere and venue for performing artists.
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